Not each person has a material opportunity to use services of the realtor and to rent the suitable apartment. And integrity of such experts leaves much to be desired: not attentively listen to wishes of the client, a long time of implementation of the demand. Therefore many start independent search. Temporarily they are rescued by the apartment in Minsk for rent. But it is by own efforts quite possible to find suitable housing though will take more time and forces. But there are the receptions which use can really help with search of the suitable apartment.

The most effective method is the recommendation of acquaintances, friends, fellow workers who remove housing. It is possible to contact their former tenants and to learn about a free living space. This option is most reliable and safe as there is an opportunity to receive information on future owners. But not all have such opportunity to use this method for apartment search.

Studying of necessary information in newspapers and magazines, too is option of selection of the apartment. Often owners of apartments prefer to find clients without intermediaries and publish the offers in the press. But often more favorable offers don't reach placement in the newspaper. Though very often in the announcement it is specified that the room "without intermediaries" surrenders, but often realtors just are behind it. They can sell for determined price your telephone number to the colleagues who will bother with the calls with various offers of options of housing.

Often the best method of search of the rental apartment is the Internet. A large number of sites connect wishing to hand over or remove a living space. But also here actions of swindlers aren't excluded.

The announcements hanged on columns, minibuses, stops also draw attention of people, the risk of collision with fraud in this case remains same, as well as in other options.

Base of announcements of granting apartments in rent – one of the ways, helping to find suitable option. The base of phones and addresses of the apartments which are leasing is bought. It is enough to ring round phones specified in base to pick up the necessary option of housing. But often it appears or apartments are leased long ago, or specified phone doesn't exist, or the people living to this address, never leased the apartment.

If as a result of long searches after all there is a successful option of the rental apartment, it is necessary to treat with special gravity drawing up the lease contract and all other moments, the transactions connected with registration.

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